Over the years Santon developed many market- and customer specific solutions within the field of both AC and DC switching

During this period we experienced that every market has its own specific demands, developments, regulations and standards. In order to develop switchgear solutions which meet market- and customer demands, specific knowledge is required. Therefore Santon has its own inhouse development department and also has sales representatives around the world.

This way, we are able to optimize our knowledge of our markets and to convert this knowledge to the best market specific switchgear available.


Santon switchgear is used within several worldwide markets including industry, railway transport, maritime and offshore, machine building, the energy sector, defense and of course, the solar market. Santon is at the forefront of technology specifically developed for the renewable energy market and in particular solar energy. Meeting the demands of safe and efficient DC switching you can be sure that Santon products have been developed to meet the highest technical and commercial standards.


Santon is specialized in the engineering, manufacturing, assembling and overhauling of electrical solutions. Our range of products starts at switches, but continues with master controllers, direction controllers, cab desk panels, door control panels, battery isolation switches, earth switches, and electrical (panel) assemblies. This is only a brief overview of our value added capabilities that Santon can support you with.


Santon has a long history in serving the heavy industrial market. For more than 75 years we served many customers in the maritime-, steel manufacturing-, food processing-, energy distribution-, and defense industry. Santon is the first choice of many heavy industrial companies and is prescribed as the key partner for providing safety switchgear solutions. Our product database records more than 65.000 switchgear solutions and is still increasing.

Circuit Breaker Services

Your installation in top condition whenever, wherever. With many years of experience on sites all over the world, our specialists are familiar with working with local legislations, cultures and demands. Whether it is a projectmanager you need or a skilled specialist to support your team. Santon circuit breaker services offers you the service you need to keep your installation going.